I die

I am sweating bullets but its not that hot. As matter of fact, it is a windy Sunday afternoon. I am standing under the mahogany tree looking at the stone engraved by her name. I listened to the breeze of the wind as I close my eyes I vividly remember the first time I met her.

College students were walking and running back and fourth. As I roam in the busy crowded hall I heed to a sweet woman’s laughter. I turned to looked for that sound and I saw an angel and a goddess as one. My world stopped for awhile, I’m staring at her for seconds, minutes and sighed I asked myself, “Who is she?” Maybe its for me to find out.

I’m glad that my angel is just studying next to our department so I grabbed the chance to know her more. I’m surprised to know we have the same circle of friends so its not that hard to be close with her. As time goes by we became buddies, best friends as they call. My admiration to her also grew like a wild fire. Probably, I don’t like her anymore, I already loved her.

I realized that its not that easy being in a friend zone. I should take risk and asked the perfect words. I looked for help in some of my friends to plan my perfect confession. I kept myself busy preparing for the perfect day never realized I lost time with her until she cornered me one day asking why I’m so busy and accused me of having a girlfriend, I just smile at her, not uttering a single word.

As the awaited day had come, I am nervous while holding a bouquet of flowers waiting for her. My girl friend who saw me gave me a hug to loosen up a bit not knowing someone is staring at us. At last, i saw my angel standing by, but wait! She started running away from us, confused by her action I chased her. My world stopped for the second time as I heard the sound of the jeepney (car) and a thumping sound of a book dropped.

And the last words i heard from her is “I love you”, before her heartbeat stopped beating and my heart starts breaking.

Farewell to you my angel.


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