The Story of My Life

by: Zenith

Clouded by fears,

A life she experienced all these years.

She wants to belong,

That’s just what the little girl wished all along.

Her heart is broken and empty.

Does anyone even see?


Watching herself in the mirror,

Standing much closer to see it clearer.

There appears a lady,

All grown up and shady.

But all she sees is a little damsel,

Still stuck in her own miserable cell.


Slowly, gradually crawling for mercy

Crying, “Please someone help me!”

Fiercely seeking for vengeance

Listening to the growling horror of regrets

Shaking the shackles to be heard

Loudly shouting to be saved


She struggled to break free

From the chains and bars of the past

But with the help of Almighty

She is redeemed, free at last

Ready to face uncertainty

With love, hope and trust.


She. She! She?

Who is she?


She is the girl standing in front of you

With the head held up high saying,

“You can overcome trials like I did too.”

Never stop dreaming, living and believing.

Tempus fugit, est aurum

(Time flies, time is gold)

Sed semper memento carpe diem

(But always remember to seize the day)



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