Dear Other Self #001


4:30 pm


It’s heavily raining today. Oh, what do I expect? It’s June already and that means goodbye summer and welcome umbrella days. (Philippine weather)


This is the season which I prefer the most. Why? Because I love cuddling with myself and sit on the veranda while sipping a hot chocolate in my fluffy thick sweater, watching every rain drop falls. (Just like I always see in the movies)


And every time I look at the rain I think of random people who are doing the same thing, asking myself, “What do they think about while they are looking at the rain?” Maybe they think about a painful memory, a dearest person, a happy moment or the unpredictable future.


But as for me, every time it rains I feel nostalgic, that there is something that so tragic that happens to me during one rainy day even though there’s none. I think about the raindrops as tears and every rainy day I can create stories in my head like I’m just reminiscing sad painful memories. I’m just like any other people who are sad when they look at the rain maybe because of the voice from the past or just for no reason.




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