Dear Other Self #003

Date: 07-11-2017                                                                                                         Time: 06:41 pm


Mother and Son

Day 192 of 365


It was a rainy evening as I ride a jeepney going home. Along the ride, I was with a mother and her son. Her son was so adorable and entertaining as he asks several questions to her mother about anything that comes out from his mind and her mother patiently answers his questions one by one. The kid was so loud and curious about everything that’s why her mother just hugged him to shut him up. It was a very sweet scene to watch, that it almost melts my heart. The mother kissed her son from time to time and they cuddled until they arrived at their destination. Oh, how I wished my mother would still do the same thing to me.


I missed my mama so much. I missed the feeling of having a mother again that will always be there by your side just to cuddle with you and tell everything that’s in your mind. Honestly, I even can’t remember the last time I talked to my mom without feeling awkward, the last seconds that we cuddled and the last moment that she kissed me. If I just knew that these things will last earlier than I expected, I surely treasured every piece of memory that I was with her and savored every limited moment that we have. If I just knew her hardships, I’d kiss her every time I had the chance and cuddled with her all day long. If I just showed how much I loved her then maybe I’m not crying in regrets of the things I didn’t do in the past and just be happy to watch such a lovely scene that’s in front of me.








The three words I regretted the most.



I remember this song while I’m writing this entry, Jealous by Labrinth.


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