Pen Name DOS (Dear Other Self)

Username DakilangZenith (Zenith The Great)

Address Philippines

Nationality Filipino

Date of Birth February 17, 2000

Profession Student

Hobbies Eating, Internet Surfing, Writing, Dancing, Drawing, Breathing etc.

Hey there readers and viewers, I’m Dear Other Self a.k.a. DOS. I’m a student in Senior High School. A teen who loves to write even though she sometimes sucks  in that department, she also likes to draw anything under the sun, she’s a try-hard drummer and may I do not forget a short-tempered petite gal.

I am not a professional writer nor a student publication officer or writer in our school. I just write for my own bubble of fun and entertainment. You may encounter a lot of typos, wrong grammars and misspelled words so don’t blame me that I didn’t warn you.

May you enjoy folks reading my nonsensical poems and diaries about my journey and life experiences. God bless to everyone and peace out.


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