This blog is born on February 21, 2017 which is first entitled as ONCE UPON A TIME and later changed to Dear Other Self, honest to goodness this title didn’t come from the author’s uniqueness but it is inspired from the movie “Dear Other Self” which starred by the actress, Jodi Sta Maria.

Why dear other self? As a teenager, I encountered lots of mistakes, tragedies, and trials. I did things that I’m not proud of, things that I didn’t want to do but end up doing. ‎

Dear other self, I considered it as my other half, we’ve encountered ups and downs together but chose different paths. Dear other self, I can say that she is the better version of myself. When I did something out of impulse and outcomes the worst, she is thinking thoroughly that results the opposite.

Dear other self is my what ifs in life. What if I did those things maybe… Yeah still stuck on maybe.

Dear other self is my best friend. She helps me to think positively that even though I did lots of mistakes, next time I can correct them. That even though I’m not perfect I can be proud of myself just the way I am. That the failures I have in life does not define who I am but shapes me to success.

I share this blog with you guys hoping the lessons I’ve found out in life can also reach to you.

This is the history of my blog, Dear Other Self. You can also check out some stuff like poems, short stories and essays that some I personally wrote. And if you just accidentally discovered this site and enjoyed the visit, please click HIT IT to follow my blog and thank you in advance.

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