This blog is born on February 21, 2017 which is first entitled as ONCE UPON A TIME and later changed to Dear Other Self, honest to goodness this title didn’t come from the author’s uniqueness but it is inspired from the movie “Dear Other Self” which starred by the actress, Jodi Sta Maria.

Why dear other self? I just like the name. And it’s like an another me but it’s still me telling stories, shits, and crap to another dimension of the world which I cannot tell personally to the real world.


This blog is welcome to anyone! Yehey!


Warning: This is full of my crap.

I am best in writing poems, I think. And I’m dreaming to be the next Lang Leav, I wish.

I also seldom write short stories and essays about random stuff.

I write in Tagalog or English base on my mood and there’s also a diary section in this blog but I seldom update it because there’s nothing interesting that’s happening in my life, yet.

If you just accidentally discovered this site and enjoyed the visit, please click HIT IT to follow my blog and thank you in advance.


P.S. The photos embedded in this blog are not mine


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