Just Like the Rain, Love

This poem is inspired from the oneshot story in Wattpad, "Just like the rain" by iDangs. It tells about how the girl compared the rain from her experience of being in love and heart broken.

The Rebound Girl

A tagalog poem highly dedicated for rebound girls. A selfless love who does not seek to be loved back as long as they love. How I admire the pain and love of an unrequited love.


"I did not know any better. Moths are not supposed to know; they only come to the light. And the light looked so inviting, there was no resisting it. Moths are not supposed to know, one does not even know one is a moth until one's wings are burned."   -Arturo B. Rotor


I'm scared of death, knowing he will take you away from me. How? how will I live with it? I don't know, I refused to know.

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